Hate Speech-Self Assessment Tool for young people Students

Learn, Engage, Act: Digital Tools to Prevent and Counter Hate Speech Online (LEAD- Online)

Are you between 14 and 19 years old? Then, we would like to ask you some questions about your experiences online.

Do you know what hate speech is? Do you know how to recognize hate speech online? What does the right to free speech mean to you? Have you been a witness or a victim of hate speech? Do you know where to seek help and how to respond to online hatred?

The LEAD-Online project strives to help young people understand better what is hate speech online, how to recognize and counter it. But first, we want to hear about your opinions and experiences with hate speech.
Please note that this is not an exam and there are no correct or incorrect answers, and your responses will not be graded. Just be honest, thinking about your own experiences and opinions.

The test will take you not more than 12 minutes. You can answer the questions by choosing on one or more options. For some sections, you can find helpful prompts by clicking on a pop-up in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

The questionnaire is anonymous, which means that we are not able to identify who you are through your answers.

The questionnaire contains some examples of hateful content. If you think that such content might trigger memories of experiences you have had, or that you are likely to be upset in another way, please contact your teacher (parent or guardian) and discuss this with them before deciding whether to participate or not. This will not impact you in any way.